When I first heard those words a couple of weeks ago, they stopped me dead in my tracks and made me really, really think.

This, surely, is the stuff of which major breakthroughs are made.

How often we all, as human beings, fail to really listen with all our senses, missing out on a rich seam of inquiry which could lead us to whole new ways of thinking, acting and being.

As leaders we can tap into this latent source of potential by tuning in to those important unsaid thoughts, words and messages, and bring them to the conscious awarenes of oursleves and our teams.

It can help us dig beneath that cordial veneer and root out the issues that are holding us back from achieving our full potential.

As coaches and leaders, let's not stifle potential by failing to speak the unspeakable truths we need to confront if we are to move forward - 'Confront the brutal facts', as Jim Collins says in Good to Great.

Will you make an Easter resolution to start acting promptly whenever you hear important things not being said?

We're certainly going to make it a part of our regular practice here at the UK Leadership Academy.