Well, Namibia was certainly an adventure, and the young students had some great lessons to help them in life.

First of all, on the trek we were stuck on a mountain due to injuries and Helicopter evacuationhad to spend two nights out in the open before being helicoptered to safety.

Then our bags were delayed when the vehicle bringing them to Windhoek was involved in an accident, causing us to reschedule the remainder of our trip.

Finally, as we were heading for the safari stage our minibus was stopped by the police and the driver had to offer them an incentive(!) to allow us to continue.

These experiences gve them an opportunity to learn:

  • Resilience, and the true depth of their inner strength
  • Adaptability, when things don't go to plan
  • Tolerance, of each other and of difficult situations
  • and knowing they can rise to life's challenges

When you've been in challenging situations and come through them successfully, suddenly all the little tribulations of life start to seem quite insignificant.  You start to believe you really can do anything if you put your mind to it.

What a great lesson for young people as they start out in life...