Leadership & Prefect Training


These programmes are for schools wanting to develop their most talented students to become exemplars of personal excellence and integrated leadership.  They are carefully structured to create deep learning and, whilst they should be fun, are far more than just a 'jolly'.

Run in partnership with Wildcountry Consultants, we use only the highest calibre trainers with current experience of developing top leaders in the business world, as well as a previous background of working in outdoor environments, usually having led major expeditions overseas.

Programmes are normally delivered in wild country, involving 2 days of training with an overnight camp.  We find that taking students outside, away from their normal everyday experience, heightens their receptiveness and creates the environment for accelerated learning.  Group sizes are generally around 8-10 - large enough to ensure a reasonable level of diversity, but small enough to still be intimate and avoid people being able to hide in the crowd.


Leadership & Personal Development

Leadership is about developing others to increase their contribution to the team and achieve group goals. This starts with developing ourselves. Our programmes focus on building leadership skills by creating self-awareness, and from that a real understanding of other people and what motivates them.

We explore different models and styles of leadership.  During the programme, all students will have the opportunity to lead and gain an understanding of their natural preferences.  A fun part of this involves role-playing the six different leadership styles to get an idea of how it feels to lead and be led, and gain insight into when the various styles might be used.

Teamwork and an understanding of what makes great teams work is also covered, including the use of team tasks and simple trust exercises.


Prefect Training

The aim of our prefect training is to help students become fine role models and ambassadors for the school’s ethos.

We do this through a process of connecting them to core values including personal responsibility, respect for self and others, and a shared sense of community.  Exercises help them to understand their own behaviours and how they impact on others.  This is then applied to the concept of setting standards and modelling them in our behaviour as an example to others.

During the programme we look at different models of personality to help students identify themselves within a context of others.  They will gain an insight into why we need all the different personalities and learn to value the rich diversity.  This always make a huge difference in developing the ability to get on with others and appreciate their merits.


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