Don't you find that appraisals can sometimes be 
a complete waste of everybody's time and energy?
So often they're viewed as a "tick-box" exercise
- something to be done and got out of the way -
if they happen at all.
What's important...
...about appraisals is what comes out of them,
how they help the individual to progress and
And how they can make a greater contribution
towards moving the organisation closer to
achieving its goals.
If you don't already have one, put in place an
appraisal system which is:
1.  Properly structured so people know they
​will receive a systematic and regular review
of their progress.
2.  Positive and forward-looking - not a 
long list of the person's failings, weaknesses 
and mistakes.
Any negative feedback should have already 
been dealt with at the time, not held back 
for the appraisal. 
[Although, if a person has problems with 
accepting feedback, you may want a con-
versation around how they can become 
less defensive.] 
3.  Outcome-focussed, with specific
actionable points to create positive change 
for the individual and for the team. 
And if they need coaching...
[or if you need help in structuring your appraisals] 
...let me know ;-)