Something that marks out successful people from
the rest is how they reach decisions quickly, and
only change them slowly.
This means we can risk becoming too set on 
doing certain things in a certain way and to
a certain timescale.
The shadow side...
...of focus reveals itself as stubbornness, and
all leaders (including me) are imbued with 
massive stubborn streak.
​It means we don't give up.  
But it also comes at a price, and can bite us 
in the backside when we get too attached 
to the "how."
If you find yourself getting stressed when 
things aren't working out how you'd planned, 
re-focus on the outcome you want.
For example...
​ don't want a brilliantly professional 
video.  Your real outcome is to communicate
a message.
So if doing an incredible, all singing, all dancing 
video doesn't work out, maybe you need to
make some adjustments.
Consider other possibilities, such as:
  • Doing something different
  • Doing the same thing differently
  • Accepting different quality standards
  • Delegating it to someone more competent
Remember the old saying: "There's more than 
one way to skin a cat."
Whether it's skinning a cat, climbing a mountain
or delivering a difficult message to an important
...there's always an alternative if your preferred
way is not possible.
Apply your stubborn streak... achieving the task, and look for any way you 
can do it - ethically and with integrity, of course.