As bosses, as leaders, we very often behave 
in a way that's based on expectations, on how 
we believe a leader or a boss 'should' behave.  
This may have more to do with cultural norms
​within our organisation than our own personal
beliefs and values around how we should be
interacting with people.
We may do it because we want to be seen to
be doing what's right for the organisation.
And sometimes...
...we simply model our own boss's behaviour
on the basis that that's whats expected,
regardless of our own personal style. 
There is a way, however, to ensure we always
remain true to what's important to us, a way
to be authentic as leaders. 
Remember the 'Golden Rule', ask yourself:
"How would I like to be treated in this situation?"
When we ask that question, it forces us to look
at things from the viewpoint of others.
​It can give us...
...a very different perspective on what is, 
and what's not, appropriate.
We also really start to understand what
​would motivate people in that situation,
​so we can provide the kind of inspiring
leadership they're looking for from us.
Now you're starting... really engage people, to demonstrate 
that you're on the same wavelength as them.
You understand their issues, and you're 
the one to lead them and help them 
solve those issues.
It's a simple idea, and yet so very effective!