Why do some ideas gain traction, while others
whither and die?
The reason for this is very simple:
it depends on where we focus our attention.
You see...
...some things need us to apply a procedural
approach, but often it requires behaviour or
culture change to get the result we're looking 
This is where we can so easily become unstuck!
If you find that your ideas are not taking flight,
look at whether you're applying the correct
approach for the situation.
Make sure you're...
...holding people to account for the way they
behave, not just for the things they do.
Keeping track of actions is much easier than
monitoring behaviours and adherence to the
agreed culture and values.
That's why...
...we need to be extra-rigourous in calling out
people who are adopting behaviours that are
not helpful in getting us where we want.
And rewarding people publicly for exhibiting
the behaviours we do want to see.
That then becomes an example to others and
​highlights the cages we're looking for.

The behaviours...
...you demonstrate yourself, and those you 
accept from others, will often be the single 
most important determinant of success.