So many people get this wrong!
They make the mistake of thinking of winning
as beating others.
That's not a winning mentality; that's having a
competitive mindset, and it creates win-lose
That's a losing mentality!
And it's very damaging when you're trying 
to build a winning team.  
It sets up a situation where, for every winner 
there are several losers.  The winner takes it 
all, the rest are nowhere.  
Left unchecked...
...that can totally undermine the morale, self-
esteem and the effectiveness of your team.  
If you're focussing on competition, and 
inadvertently creating a losing mentality, 
that's something you seriously need to address.
The antidote is quite simple, although it can
be hard to actually put it into practice!
You need to praise people for their efforts
rather than their results.  
Everybody can work hard and make a great 
contribution to the team, even if they're not 
the star performers.  
If you only...
...praise the high achievers, what impact 
does that have on the morale and motivation 
of all the others who are beavering away 
trying to make the organisation successful?  
Make sure you're seen publicly to be rewarding 
those who are making the effort.  This sends 
out a message that people are valued for how 
hard they try, and encourage them and others 
to keep cranking it out!  
That's the way to create a winning team. 
That's the way to create a winning mentality.