Isn't it interesting that you and I are driven by
things like overcoming challenges, doing a great 
job and making a contribution.
And yet we often mistakenly think that others
are different.  They're motivated by material
things: money, holidays, cars, and so on.
It's not that...
...those things are unimportant - of course they 
are - but they are not our primary motivation.
What we want is the feelings that having those 
things will bring us.  
If we want... create a motivating environment, where 
people will want to excel, we therefore need to 
engage with people on an emotional level.
Be aware of how you assign tasks or set up
Don't assume people will want to do them
just because that's what they're paid for.
Of course, they will.  But perhaps not with 
the level of energy, enthusiasm or commitment
you would like.
To get that...'ll need to engage their emotional brains 
by emphasising the rewards - both emotional 
and rational.  
What will doing a great job of it mean to them, 
and to the team?  
Our sense of...
...belonging and need for social acceptance 
can often be a far greater motivator than 
mere tangible rewards.
Effort invested here will create the right
​environment for people to want to excel,
to go the extra mile for you and the team.