Dale Carnegie, author of the seminal How to 
Win Friends and Influence People, once said:
"Even in such technical lines as engineering,
about 15% of financial success is due to technical 
knowledge and 85% is due to skill in human
engineering and the ability to lead people."
We therefore need to understand how people are
motivated, and invest the significant part of our 
time into using this understanding to create the 
drive and determination to deliver the results 
we're looking for.
If you're...
...spending more than 15% of your time on
technical issues, you're no longer leading, and
you're leaving your success in the hands of our 
good old friend, Lady Luck!
The answer here is: focus.
Ask: "Where am I going to focus my attention 
to give the best chance of success long-term?"
Aim to spend 85% of your time on working 
with people, on engaging with people, and on 
developing people.
And if you find...'re struggling to find the time, you may 
want to examine your time management and 
delegation skills.  
Look at what you can let go of doing yourself 
to free up your diary so you can spend more 
of your time on what's really important!