One of the problems we confront as leaders 
is that we're at the top of the pyramid...
At least, that's how we see things.  
What if... 
...instead, we looked at it from the perspective of 
a circle (or better still, a sphere) with us at the 
centre and our frontline staff at the outside edges, 
interacting with our operating environment?  
It would mean that we couldn't move unless 
everyone around us moves.  
That's a much better and more accurate analogy 
for how organisations work.  
If you can't...
...get those around you to move, you're going to 
be stuck in resistance mode.  
And sadly, that's a reality for many - perhaps 
even most - organisations.
To move the circle forward, you have to engage 
with the whole organisation and get everyone 
moving together.  
Otherwise everything just grinds to a halt.
In order to... 
...achieve that, you'll need to spend a good 
proportion of your time engaging with your 
frontline troops - those at the interface on the 
edges of the circle - not just your direct reports.  
You need to make sure they're up for the 
changes and challenges ahead, and ready to 
move forward with you together.  
If you don't...
...succeed in inspiring them to action, you'll 
inevitably end up stuck exactly where you are.  
Get out of your office, get engaging, get 
inspiring, and see the remarkable difference 
it makes to the team - and to the results
they deliver.