One of the ways we make sense of an increasingly 
complex world is through generalisation.


We will take an experience we've had and assume 
it'll be the same next time around.

So if we don't... what happened last time, we'll try to avoid
a repetition.

This can be very limiting.

For example, we've been given a hard time by a
female buyer; we generalise this into "Female buyers
are going to give me a hard time"; so we go into
our next transaction with a negative expectation.

The past also...
...has a hold on us because we are creatures of
habit and will tend to repeat our past behaviours, 
even though they may no longer serve us.

[This is something we do a lot of work on with
executives moving up the ladder, needing to
develop new habits.]

We need a way... recognise when we're unconsciously re-living 
the past, and to break the cycle so we can get
positive outcomes in the future.


What habits or behaviours have you got that 
aren't working for you?

Think about the results you want to achieve and 
consider how you can change what you're doing 
to become more effective.

Ideally... need to find somewhere you can have a
few minutes peace and quiet.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a
situation you've had problems with in the past.
Then re-run it with your new behaviour and enjoy
the experience of getting the result you want.

Repeat that in your mind a few times so it
becomes habituated.


Next time you're in that situation, you'll now
have a choice to change your approach and
change your outcome.