As a fellow achiever, I'm sure you almost certainly
are driven to try to cram all your life into each and
every day.


We want to do everything, and have the perfect 
lifestyle balance - work, play, family and self-

Trouble is...
...this can set up conflicts that will play on our 
minds, creating frustration, disappointment 
and resentment.

All very low energy emotions that we could well 
do without!

If you...
...have a deadline to meet and need to work late, 
what gives? Do you miss seeing the family, or 
cut out the session at the gym? Or both?

There is a far healthier way to achieve
a positive outcome.


Instead of trying to balance your lifestyle on 
a daily basis, plan to achieve it over the course 
of a week.

With 168 hours at your disposal, it's so much 
easier to make sure all aspects of your life 
are accounted for, giving you the time, energy 
and motivation to be a total success!

Consider taking...
...a little time out - maybe on a Sunday evening -
to plan your weekly schedule.

Make sure you include all the fun stuff you want
to do. This will give you huge motivation and
energise everything you do.

Above all...
...get out of the mindset of trying to cram 
everything into every day.

That's just setting yourself up for failure -
the exact opposite of what you want.