I thought this would be a great tip to get you set up for success in the New Year.  It's all about deciding exactly how you want to show up and be perceived by others.  

You see, we all have a sense of what are appropriate standards and principles that we carry around in our minds.

The trouble is...

...we don't always live up to them as we don't have an organised process to, firstly verbalise what they are and, secondly to keep them front of mind. 

Without that we are liable to be blown in different directions depending on the latest thing we've come across.  

Lots of different...

...(and usually good) ideas come our way and so we keep changing what we're doing.  Ultimately that makes it hard for people to know what you stand for, which means you can't be an effective role model.  

And that, I believe, is one of the keys to leadership success...



 Write down your "Principles and Standards" to define how you want to show up in life - both at work and in personal relationships.

​​​​​​​I personally have a list of 18 things, including:

  • Start each day with a workout
  • Be professional and prepare like a professional
  • Always give outstanding value
  • Live a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Give everything your best shot

Get it...

...laminated and read it every morning to remind you of what you're about, and to set you up for the day.

You will find that you become more centred and others will start to better understand what you stand for.

It will...

...keep you in touch with your moral compass and make it easy for you to know what to say 'Yes' and what to say 'No' to. 

Ultimately, you'll become more focussed, more productive and a lot more relaxed in your approach to life and work.

Now isn't that something worth aiming for?