You know what?  It's impossible to move forward in your life or work when you're carring around baggage from the past.

If you're finding it hard to get unstuck from your current situation, maybe there's something - or, more likely, some things - you're holding on to and you really, really need to let go of.

Sometimes we get attached to things that have happened to us.  But they're gone, so why are we allowing them to ruin our lives right here, right now?

The thing is...

...we can't change the past, so it's pointless letting it affect us now.  We can keep on replaying past events all we like, and they'll still be the same.

And every time we replay them, we dig up all the old energy and emotion and bring it back into the present.  We're letting it eat up our lives with remorse and regret.  But for what purpose?  

NONE.  It's totally pointless, it'll never change anything.  Well actually, it will.  It will change our future by poluting our minds and contminating our energy so we never can move out of the dark shadow of history that's keeping us enslaved. 

We can never step into our greatness whilst simultaneously holding on to the detritus of the past.

So what if someone did you wrong when you were six years old?  It's gone.  So what if you did someone a wrong in the past?  That's gone too, and can't be undone.

Forgive them and forgive yourself.  Let go of the emotion, the remorse and regret.

Don't keep re-living the nighmares of yesterday.  Forgive, let go and set yourself free to walk away, to move on and become the person you were meant to be.

If you're... most of us, there are probably many things that have hurt you in the past.  

You may feel you've left them behind and they're not bothering you, but in truth, they're still there in the back of your subconscious, nagging and gnawing away and undermining your efforts to build a better future.

Try this:

Sit down with pen and paper and write a forgiveness letter to everyone who's hurt you in the past.  Just let it flow.  You'll be amazed once you get going at some of the stuff that comes out.

It'll surface all sorts of bitterness and resentment you never knew you were carrying around with you.  Get it all out.

Do expect this to be an emotional turning point.

Then - and this can be the hard part - thank them all for what they did, for the lessons you learnt from them and for making you the person you are today.  Stronger, more resilient, and ready to do incredible things.

And do remember to forgive yourself.  Let go and free yourself to be all you can be.   

You totally deserve it - you're amazing!  Just do it.