We've all heard of the power of intention, but how often to we really, truly, fully plug into it to experience the transformative effect it has on our actions, behaviours and results?

The real power of intention lies in the total calrity it creates, the certainty it gives us on where we're going and why we're going there.  That certainty generates willful action to overcome all blockages and obstacles, clearing a path to your desired future.

Just imagine what it would be like to be totally focussed on your objective, feeling it inexorably pulling you towards it, tossing aside distractions and diversions as you let go and allow your natural energy and flow to carry you along, floating serenely above the mundane day-to-day trivia.

You are majestic, calm and in complete control.

You are in your flow, in your element, doing the work you were put on this earth to do, receiving rewards in direct proportion to the value you bring to the world.

Sounds great?  But where to start?

What does a powerful intention look like?

The first thing is, it must work for you.  Generally, this means it needs these elements:

  • A compelling result
  • A time limit
  • A compelling reason
  • The value you're going to give to make it happen
  • Personal evolution

A Compelling Result

This is where so many people fall at the first hurdle.  Their desired result is the superficial outcome, not the real underlying desire.

Often an objective might be to earn a certain amount of money.  But money is nothing, it's just a token, so you need to dig down to uncover what that amount of money will give you.

A Time Limit

If we don't set a time limit we have no way of knowing how urgently we need to put in our effort.  We can dawdle along saying, I'll get there one day.  But 'one day' never comes.

You also need to be specific.  If you say,  "In 6 months," your intention will always be 6 moths away.

Settng a deadline is crucial as it creates the sense of urgency you need to take the concerted action required to get you there.

A Compelling Reason

Our reasons must be our own, things that really matter to us.  If you find yourself using language like should, ought, must, it's usually a sign that you're dancing to someone else's tune.

If you're not completely bought into the reason, you'll never feel the compulsion to make it happen.

The Value You'll Give

You can't expect to set your intention, do nothing and then expect for it to magincally happen.  Life rewards those who take action and create value for others.

I believe you should [the 'should' word - beware, that's jsut my view and you need to make up your own mind about what's appropriate] expect to give ten times as much value as you receive.  

If you only give the same value as you receive, people will be satisfied, but no more.  On the other hand, if you give massive value they'll become raving fans and you'll find yourself atracting all sorts of riches flowing back to you.

Personal Evolution

Any intention worth pursuing will stretch you beyond your current capabilities and demand of you new behaviours, skills and strengths.

The question I always as is: "Who do you need to become?"

To Make It Happen

Write down your intention in full every morning so you start each day fully focussed and with your energy in the right place.

Once you've done that, you can think about your 'do' list.  You'll be amazed at how differently you'll look at it when you're viewing it from the point of view of your intention.