Case Studies

We love getting results for our clients!

Here are some examples of the great work we've been privileged to be involved in.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching works to create dramatic changes in the way our clients work and the results they deliver for their organisations, often in the context of Succession Planning.

pdfLeadership Case Study 1  - From manager to VP of R&D on board of $800 million US corporation.

pdfLeadership Case Study 2  - Going from under performing senior manager to being "An example of how to turn around a business and engage people at the same time."

pdfSuccession Case Study 1  - Filling a void at the top by up-skilling key individuals.

pdfSuccession Case Study 2  - Using coaching to overcome strength gaps in the Senior Management Team.

Team Coaching & Development

We always seek to work with our clients at a strategic level when delivering Team Development programmes, to create tangible results.

pdfSeager Case Study  - Turning round declining turnover to grow 50% from £800k in 2 years.

pdfWainwright Case Study  - How to energise and grow an independent business and take on the big corporations.

pdfGood Energy Case Study  - Re-focussing a business around customer service.

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