Today we're lifting the lid on why a blame culture
could be costing you £thousands...  
We see it all the time: low morale, low productivity, 
and a relentless focus on back-covering rather than 
doing the job at hand.  
The thing is...
...that when we focus the blame on an individual, 
we're throwing away a priceless opportunity for 
learning, changing and improving - on both an
individual and a team level.
When things go wrong, tell yourself: 
"Here's a ​brilliant learning opportunity!"  
Make sure you're asking good quality questions 
to establish what you can do differently next time.  
And if you...
...find an individual is at fault, accept the blame 
yourself.  You're their leader and you've made 
a mistake.  
Did you give them insufficient information or 
training?  Or perhaps you put them into a position 
they were unsuited to.  
Whatever the answer...
...make sure you've got a process for sharing 
the learning across your team so that everyone 
can benefit from it.