Do you sometimes suffer from the tyranny of 
"To Do" lists?
There can be so much on them that it's
hard to know just where to start.
You end up...
...not prioritising properly and cherry-
picking because there are energy-sapping
tasks on the list that you're simply not
feeling motivated to do.
These imposters leave us lacking focus
and tinkering round the edges, not
really achieving very much at all.
There is a better way.
Try this simple re-frame: 
Get a clean sheet of paper and write 
"Will Do" at the top.  
Then go to your "To Do" list and select 
only the items that you fully commit 
to doing that day.  
Ignore the rest and only work on your 
"Will Do" list items.  
If you...
...find you've over committed and you
can't get it all done, try putting a little
less on it the next day.  
It's better by far to keep the discipline 
of always completing your list than to 
get into the habit of leaving tasks undone.  
this is a "Will Do" list, not a "Wish" list.