"What's the difference?" you might be asking.
BLT162 Focus on Effectiveness Above Efficiency
Well, my take is that effectiveness is about achieving 
outcomes, and efficiency is about doing things with 
the minimum of effort and waste.  
In other words...
...effectiveness is a leadership issue, and efficiency 
is more of a management concern.  
And leadership is about the 'what' (doing the right 
things), leaving management to focus on the 'how' 
(doing things right).  
Which brings me to...
...the 'efficiency trap'.  This is where we get 
suckered in by the desire to makes sure things 
are being done right, and we lose sight of what's 
important and keeping everything on track.  
...efficiency is actually a waste of time!
Getting efficient at things that don't add value 
to what we're doing, or don't help to get us 
where we're headed is simply not being effective.  
Or spending time creating efficient processes 
that may only be used infrequently.
It's like...
...pedalling hard, but in the wrong direction 
because you've not taken the time to look 
at the map!
How do you avoid the 'efficiency trap'?  
The important thing is to notice how you're 
spending your time.  
Are you primarily focussing on driving people 
to achieve the outcomes - the hard results - 
you're looking for?  
Or do you find yourself spending an inordinate 
amount of your precious time resource on 
telling people how and what to do?  
If it's...
...the latter, make sure you take some time out 
to re-focus, get back your clarity about where 
you're going, and invest time in engaging your 
people with the vision.  
That will give them fresh energy and impetus 
to propel you faster - and more effectively - 
to achieving your goals.