One of the things that keeps us from achieving the life we desire is we’re often not clear enough about what our true desires truly are.

This may seem strange until you start digging beneath the surface.  What we need to understand is that the universe is not a mind reader and it can’t give us what we want if we don’t make it clear.

I know what I desire: I desire to be rich and successful.

Well isn’t that great!

Now imagine you’re the universe and someone tells you that.  How the hell do you know what you’re expected to deliver?  What do you mean by “rich” and what do you mean by “successful”?

If you want to be rich and successful, this is what you have to do:

Write down in detail exactly what you want in words that are so clear even someone with no powers of mind reading can understand it.  Get totally explicit.

And make sure it’s your true goal, not an enabling goal (one which enables you to get something else that is your true desire).

To get there you need to ask yourself, ‘why do I want that?’ again and again until you get to the real root of what you desire.  If you want money, why?  What will that give you? A big house or flash car perhaps?  What will they give you?  And so on, until you can go no further.

You need to know what you desire and why you desire it.  

This creates an alliance between you and the universe: the universe can put opportunities your way, but your desire (which comes from your real deep “Why”) has to be strong enough for you to take action when those opportunities are presented to you.

Desire without action is just hoping.

And action without desire is unsustainable – there’s just not enough motivation to keep you moving.  You need both.

So go ahead and take some time to think about your desires in all their detail, analyse them, cross-examine them, and drill down to the true source so you can get connected.

Then write it down to look at every day and remind yourself why it is you’re doing this – whatever your ‘this’ is.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be unstoppable!

You’ll be so focussed, so alive, so full of energy and drive, nothing will get in your way!