How many times have you heard recently, “When things get back to normal…”?

For many people normal means:

  • Constant pressure and stress
  • Lack of engagement
  • Little or no control of their diaries
  • No influence on decisions
  • Communication overload
  • Etc. etc.


So why would we want to get back to that?

Here’s an opportunity to create a ‘new normal’ and in this workshop we’ll be looking at how we can re-set our teams and build a new culture that will be richer and more enjoyable for everyone, and more productive too!

Through a series of exercises we’ll unpack some of the unhelpful team behaviours you’d like to leave behind and design the new cultural norms you’d like to adopt for a brighter future.

Finally, you will take away an actionable plan to make that culture a reality. This interactive and fun workshop programme is made up of two modules of between 1hr 30mins and 1hr 45mins.

This is for you if you’re a team leader, coach or facilitator, and all senior leaders and HR professionals.


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