Strategy Plus


Have you ever had to tweak your strategy when other stakeholders have come up with problems you’d not foreseen?

Strategy Plus makes sure you get a well-formed strategy from the outset by taking deep engagement and using it to create strategic solutions that work for everyone. The Strategy Plus process uses tools developed by MIT Sloan School of Management and proven in organizations including governments and global corporations including Alibaba, the world’s biggest online retailer.

Advantages of the Strategy Plus methodology include:

  • Well formed strategic decisions at the outset
  • All stakeholders input into the process
  • No unexpected and embarrassing U-turns
  • No need to sell the strategy – everyone’s already bought in
  • Creates alignment and breaks down silo divisions
  • Generates high levels of enthusiasm and energy
  • Results in immediate action towards goals


Because of the deep engagement needed to facilitate Strategy Plus, the programme involves a series of workshops that culminate in a collective sense of the highest future potential which is then turned into real life projects to get into rapid action.

Seeing the whole

Using our "Iceberg" Communications Model we take a deep dive to sense and understand the whole, not just the visible 10%. From this position we see ourselves and our organizations as part of the wider system: beyond our market segment to include the greater economy and even society as a whole. We can then identify future possibilities that may exist beyond our normal thinking and experience.

Strategy Plus workshops delve into the nature of existing realities, uncover our assumptions, challenge our existing view and go on ‘sensing journeys’ which look at other organizations in different contexts to gain new perspectives on what is possible.

Diving deep

Each workshop will take us deeper down through the 4 levels of the Iceberg from Superficial through Logical to Empathic and finally the Transformative or 'source' level. We then hold the space for creative and transformative conversations to take place and lay the groundwork for using 4-D Modeling to create a shared vision from which individual projects will then emerge.

The real power of Strategy Plus is that it becomes a transformational journey for everyone involved as well as the organization as a whole. This overcomes one of the biggest blockers to strategy implementation: people clinging to the old ways of doing things and resisting change.

With Strategy Plus you get whole team engagement and real impetus to move forward, with change led across the organization and guided – rather than driven – from the top